Friday, August 12, 2022

Seeking Marie Kathryn Schmidt

The family of Marie K. Schmidt and her husband Frederich Benzel are seeking conclusive information about Marie. Marie was born on 2 August 1889 in the Volga area of Russia. Her family members have been located in the Volga villages of Kolb and possibly Messer. Her name is common among the Germans from Russia, and it has proven difficult to precisely identify her and her parents. The family of Marie and her descendants were most likely early settlers in the Volga area. Marie married into the Benzel family, and they are among the earliest of German settlers. The village of Kautz was the first family village, and individuals relocated to daughter colonies from there. My goal is to identify Marie K. Schmidt's parents prior to an upcoming family reunion. Thank you in advance for assistance in solving this challenge. Dee Hert

Meeting Reminder

Our chapter meeting is tomorrow, Saturday, August 13th, from 10 am to noon. Children are welcome and encouraged to attend as there is a playground at the Buttercup Park in Sandy. For those of you who are unable to attend in person, Shari sent out the zoom link this morning. If it doesn't show up in your inbox, please take a minute to check your junk mail.

Friday, June 10, 2022

For any of you who don't know about this site, it is fabulous! I use it regularly. It shares parish records from the Volga region for free, and new records are added constantly. Many people have shared their expertise in translating the records and coordinating the efforts. Some rules for you: No commercial use of these records without express written permission. Unless otherwise indicated, you may view, download, and print materials from this site only for your personal, noncommercial use. You may not download the entire site.


June 11, 2022, at 11 am to 1 pm. Buttercup Park at 1501 Buttercup Dr., Sandy, UT, 84092. It will also be on Zoom. Family and kids are encouraged (playground available). This is an opportunity for you to share stories, artifacts, and recipes about your ancestry with the rest of the chapter. Bring an ancestral recipe potluck to share. Chapter will furnish cups, plates, utensils and water. Looking forward to actually seeing you!

Sunday, March 20, 2022

FEEFHS 2022 Virtual Conference

Registration Opening Soon We are putting the finishing touches on the program for the 2022 FEEFHS Virtual Conference, to be held July 25-29, 2022. Learn from the experts in Slavic, Germanic, Jewish, and other aspects of East European Genealogy. Live virtual workshops will be offered July 25th and 26th on reading German, Hebrew, Latin, and Russian.The main conference July 27-29 will include tracks for the former Austro-Hungarian Empire (including Czech, Slovak, etc.), German Empire, Poland, and the Russian Empire/USSR (including Ukraine, Belarus, and Baltic Countries) as well as a Jewish Research track, a Germans in Eastern Europe track, and classes on DNA Research, research tools, methods, and more. The conference will again be fully virtual this year, with live and pre-recorded sessions which will be also be available to view on demand following the conference. We will send an announcement when registration opens. The registration and additionaol information will be provided soon on the website.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Concordia University Collection

Phase II Progress continues towards preparing the various donated items for patron use. The team, consists of Dee Hert, Bud and Viki Strong, Mike Beier, Shari Stone, and Tyler and Patricia Bond. The first phase was to itemize the entire collection, which required several months. We counted 400 surname charts which will eventually benefit countless researchers. Also of equal value are the hundreds of books and miscellaneous items. The books represent various geographic areas, US, Germany, South America and France, Caucasus, etc. The second phase is to prepare the material for eventual patron use. Presently we are working on the collection of donated family histories. We remove pages from plastic sleeves, and address individual issues. Material is then prepared to ensure required format. Several of us are working projects from home. Mike, being a retired librarian has gone to the extra effort of restoring pictures. Material is then given to the library experts to bind, enter into the catalog and place on the shelves. In addition to these steps the material will also be noted on the library wiki page. I am hearing from family and friends who live on the west coast. They admitted being uncomfortable loosing the library and not being able to find a location on the west coast. Then after further consideration they came to the conclusion that the FHL is the ideal location. Sincere appreciation for understanding the worldwide value of the Family History Library and to Dr. Fritz Juengling for his superior negotiation skills and interest in the Germans from Russia culture. If Fritz was not interested the library would not have this material to share. The library staff have recently informed me that surname charts will be available to the public soon. The library acquired so many charts that additional storage space is needed. These materials are Volga, Bessarabia, Caucasus and surrounding areas. There are many additional records needing attention before they can be placed on the shelves. The chapter team is donating many hours to bring this material to the public. Check the library catalog often for items that will support your research. Watch for updates. Dee Hert Intermountain Chapter

Happy Spring

Our next chapter meeting will be held April 9, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. It will be a ZOOM MEETING, hopefully for the last time. Ellie Christensen will be doing a presentation on Customs and Traditions of the "old country." To be certain everyone can see and hear properly, a zoom seems more appropriate. We will be sending out zoom information as the date gets closer. This should be a fun, exciting, and informative presentation.

Monday, January 10, 2022


I just want to let you all know that there is a scam email going around saying that the Intermountain Chapter of AHSGR is soliciting the purchase of gift cards for some organizations. THIS IS A SCAM. WE WILL NEVER PARTICIPATE IN SOMETHING LIKE THAT! Please do not believe it or fall for it. Contact information with the national AHSGR organization has been changed, so hopefully it will stop. Please do not participate in it. Viki Strong

Monday, November 22, 2021


Go to to find out about the upcoming Christkindlmarkt in Salt Lake City. It will be held December 1st-4th at This is the Place Heritage Park. This is a wonderful event. The site includes a map and list of vendors.

PBS, Finding Your Roots Discovers MHS

One of my favorite shows is Finding Your Roots, which airs Tuesday evening. Dr. Gates and his team have successfully researched numerous family histories for years. The research approaches are fascinating. I am a member of several genealogical societies, including the Montana Historical Society. The latest MHS newsletter featured a crew from the PBS show shooting footage at the Society for the popular show. The team was looking for visually interesting items, but the items won't typically be identified as coming from a specific location. The purpose of the visit is to give everyone an idea of genealogical research and that it is not easy to do. Every record they find for people is very meaningful. They wish to share the idea that there is a vast treasure trove of archived information in multiple locations. I make it a habit to watch Dr. Gates and his team as often as possible, even the reruns. Sessions offer valuable lessons and techniques that I can use with my own research. Good luck with your own search, and please share what you learn. (Dee Hert)

Friday, June 11, 2021


Tomorrow's the day! Saturday, June 12, at 10:30 a.m. Mountview Park, 1651 East Fort Union Blvd. Bring you family, friends, and your own picnic lunch. Deserts will be provided. Join us for a fun time and get re-aquainted! Hope to see you there.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

AHSGR Virtual Conference

Connections: Keeping our German from Russia Heritage Alive; July 13-15, 2021; check it out at

Good News

The Family History Library will be opening soon! Dee Hert is one of many official volunteers working there on Thursdays. Join her and the Germans from Russia research group to work on those brick walls. The library has purchased numerous Volga, Caucasus, and other area's publications. How fortunate we are to live close to one of the world's greatest treasures. If you would like assistance with your research, join Dee at the Family History Library.

Folklore for the AHSGR Convention

The Intermountain Chapter is preparing the Folklore segement for the upcoming convention. Handmade quilts made by Volga German families are needed for display at the event. If you have one of these treasures and are willing to share, please write up an article about the quilt's history and family connection. Include details such as who made the quilt and the family village if known. You can be present at the recording of the project if desired. Further information on date, location, and time will be coming. If you have questions, please contact Dee Hert.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Family History Update

When the library opens you will notice numerous changes; increased number of computers, table space, scanners, etc. The greatest change will be location of materials. 1st. Floor: Is more open. 2nd Floor Home to Canadian and US microfilms along with new and original scanners. 3rd Floor: Additional bookshelves, collection expanded by 40 thousand books. New scanners. B1: British Films: Maps relocated to new map cases. Additional desks, computers, and microfilm readers. B2: International books, no longer housed in high density. Guests may bring personal books in for scanning. Details coming soon. Library opening date remains uncertain. Consideration for safety is a huge factor; all staff must be fully vaccinated. Construction and re-signage must be completed. Websites and social media to be updated. In addition to this heavy staff workload the library continues to offer online classes and webinars. Continual appreciation to the library and staff for their efforts to provide improved service to the public. The services to the Germans from Russia culture are outstanding. Dee Hert