Friday, August 16, 2013

Many Thanks

I just wanted to thank all of you for your concern and kindnesses during our family tragedy.  Losing our daughter is of course extremely difficult, but having your support has helped us.  Special thanks to Pat and Shirley Ansley who attended the funeral, and also to all of you who sent cards, and for the flowers sent by the Intermountain Chapter.  Most of you didn't know her, so I included this picture so you could see our beautiful girl. You are all an important part of my extended family. Thanks so much.

Resources Added

I purchased a few more resources at the Fort Collins Conventions this year that I am happy to share.  I can bring them out for you to look at when we meet next if you let me know you're interested.

German Migration to the Russian Volga (1764- 1767); Brent Alan Mai

The Volga Germans in Old Russia and in Western North America: Their Changing World View; Timothy Kloberdanz

The Story of the Volga Germans; George J. Walters

The Christmas Keeping Germans; Neita Oviatt Friend

Letters from Hell; Samuel D. Sinner

More of the Convention

Photos by Pat Ansley

Estes Park Convention Tour

Photos by Pat Ansley

Fort Collins Convention Opening Night

Photos by Pat Ansley

AHSGR Fort Collins Convention Opening Session

Photos by Pat Ansley

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Meeting

Our chapter meeting will be Saturday, August 17th, at noon.  It will be held at the home of Bill and Sharon
White, 3285 E. Ruskin Court, Sandy.  We are hoping a lot of you will be able to attend this meeting. Chapter
members who attended the AHGSR convention in July at Fort Collins will be telling about the convention.
Bring food to share.