Sunday, October 30, 2011

From the Salt Lake Tribune

Historians Seeking Utah Law Enforcement Memorabilia State historians are launching an effort to collect law enforcement memorabilia Utahans might have stored away. It’s important to save our law enforcement history because its something being lost every second,” said Melissa Coy Ferguson, the manuscripts curator with the Utah State Historical Society. She said many law enforcement journals, booking documents or other old items of interest are often tossed because people or agencies don’t know what else to do with them. Some are tucked away in attics or garages. Several families do not understand what they have. Any items donated will be stored and protected for future generations. Everything will be available to the public upon request to study or look at in the state archives. The Salt Lake City police and fire departments are also looking for any historical items involving people who served in either agency so they can be displayed in a museum to be housed in the new Public Safety Building slated to open in 2013. It is hard to part with your family’s memorabilia. Those with donations are asked to call the Salt Lake City police at 801-799-3000 and ask for Mike Ross. Anyone with any other items to donate to the state are asked to call Melissa Coy Ferguson at 801-533-3550. Remember to protect those items of historical value and consider donating to a worthy cause when the time comes. Ensure the items are protected properly at all times. What items are stored in your attic or garage that could be shared? Always be aware of what items are in your possession; ensure they are itemized. (Thanks to Dee Hert for sharing this article with us.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't Forget


This Saturday, October 22, is our Intermountain Chapter meeting. There's lots of great stuff in the basket raffle this month, so don't miss your chance to win! Hope to see you there at 10001 Hook Drive, South Jordan. We will start the meeting at 12:00 noon.
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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Russia, 2003


The top picture is Sharon White on her cruise on the Volga River. The second photo was taken in front of the home of Sharon's Kisling ancestors in Warenburg.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Additional Resources Available for Chapter Member Use

Dee Hert has the following new resources:

Maps: 1-70, (exceptions are the color maps)


A Century of Russian Mennonite History in America, Harley J. Stucky

The Heritage of the Swiss Volhynia Mennonites, Solomon Stucky

The Pioneer Hymnal

Dorf Buch, Landes- und Kulturgeschichte, Sudkicher Vogelsberg

The German Research Companian
, Riemer, Minert, and Anderson

(Just for your information, Dee has agreed to be the village coordinator for Alexanderdorf.)

Annette Reynolds has the following new resources:


1857 of Warenburg


German Food & Folkways, R M H Gueldner

Paradise on the Steppe, Joseph S. Height

The Czar's Germans, Hattie Plum Williams

Deciphering Gothic Records, Fay S. Dearden

The German Research Companion, Riemer, Minert, Anderson

Finding Your German Ancestors, Kevan M. Hansen

Memories of Kazakhstan, Berta Bachman

from Catherine to Khrushchev, Giesinger

Handbook for Researching Family Roots, Diane J. Wandler

Map Guide to German Parish Registers, Kevan M. Hansen, for the following areas:
Sachsen III,Bavaria I, Hessen, Hessen- Nassau I, Hessen- Nassau II

Both Dee and Annette are willing to bring their resources to Chapter meetings.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

October Meeting

This is just a reminder that the next Intermountain chapter meeting will be October 22nd. It will be held at the home of Shawnette Malan and Carol Harless, 10001 Hook Drive, South Jordan. We will start the meeting at 12:00 noon. Everyone will bring food to share. We will eat during the meeting.

Shawnette Malan will be the hostess. Annette Reynolds won the raffle basket at the last meeting and will provide the basket for this meeting. Bill and Karen will be attending the National Board meeting in Lincoln next week and will give us more information about the convention. Sharon White will give a presentation about her trip to Russia in 2003. She was in Moscow, Saratov, the Engels Archive, and five of her Volga Villages: Laub, Kukkus, Warenburg, Straub and Dinkel.