Saturday, October 15, 2011

Additional Resources Available for Chapter Member Use

Dee Hert has the following new resources:

Maps: 1-70, (exceptions are the color maps)


A Century of Russian Mennonite History in America, Harley J. Stucky

The Heritage of the Swiss Volhynia Mennonites, Solomon Stucky

The Pioneer Hymnal

Dorf Buch, Landes- und Kulturgeschichte, Sudkicher Vogelsberg

The German Research Companian
, Riemer, Minert, and Anderson

(Just for your information, Dee has agreed to be the village coordinator for Alexanderdorf.)

Annette Reynolds has the following new resources:


1857 of Warenburg


German Food & Folkways, R M H Gueldner

Paradise on the Steppe, Joseph S. Height

The Czar's Germans, Hattie Plum Williams

Deciphering Gothic Records, Fay S. Dearden

The German Research Companion, Riemer, Minert, Anderson

Finding Your German Ancestors, Kevan M. Hansen

Memories of Kazakhstan, Berta Bachman

from Catherine to Khrushchev, Giesinger

Handbook for Researching Family Roots, Diane J. Wandler

Map Guide to German Parish Registers, Kevan M. Hansen, for the following areas:
Sachsen III,Bavaria I, Hessen, Hessen- Nassau I, Hessen- Nassau II

Both Dee and Annette are willing to bring their resources to Chapter meetings.

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