Monday, July 20, 2009

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I'm sending out an apology for not updating sooner, but I'm having a fantastic summer and have been out of state for a couple of weeks. Thanks to the members and others who have contributed to the new information which I am now posting. Some of you have already received this as emails, but it will probably be helpful to have it all in one spot for reference. We continue to recruit new members, so hopefully someone will come across this blog and become interested in our chapter. Also, I'm sending out get well wishes to our chapter president, Carol Harless, who is recovering from an injury.

Below is a site for a video from the individual presentations made during the German-Russian conference at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado, June 27, 2009. It is historic footage from a Volga German village made for Mr. Biel of Chicago, Illinois, during his visit to the area where he grew up. I found it fascinating.

Check related videos at that site for Prof. Timothy Kloberdanz on what is correct- German-Russian or Russian-German. I also found very interesting related videos dealing with why Russia's ethnic Germans choose to stay in Russia and the problems that ethnic Germans from Russia are having when they return to Germany. It gives you an insight into how they are now living. For some reason I was unable to get these to link directly from the blog.

From Ted Gerk, via the Ger-Volga mail list:

I've digitized an old book I obtained from Russia:
Kamyshinskaia operatsiia desiatoi Krasnoi Armii. Iiul' 1919 goda. S3 skhemami na otdel'nykh.
Kliuev, L 1928

It deals with the civil war and fighting between the Red and White Forces near Kamyshin and the Volga German colonies in that area. Also there is a battle map of various campaigns in Russia. They are featured at my Josefstal blog located at:

Feel free to use the material as you see fit.

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