Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warenburg, Russia

These pictures were taken by my son while he lived in Russia, about ten years ago. He was able to visit our ancestral villages. In the top photo he is visiting with Leongadnya Peterson from the village of Warenburg, who knew the Constanz and Miller families (two of my family names.) She has Bier and Lehman ancestors on her mother's side. Her father came from Riga, Latvia. He came to help build the church and stayed. Because of her father's nationality, her family was not deported with the others. She had written the date of their exile to Kazakstan in her bible, September 17, 1941. She corresponded with them for a long time after they were shipped off. The next picture is a view of Warenburg with her house in the front of the picture. In the bottom picture my son is standing along the shore of the Volga River.

If you would like to spotlight your ancestral villages, please send me the information, and I will add it to the blog.
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  1. Hello,
    In helping my daughter prepare for her National History Day Project, I came across some specific information. This gave me the town of Warenburg, Russia as a birthplace for several of my ancestors. In doing a little more searching I came across your blog! The surname of my ancestors, was Werner. Please add me to your e-mail list.

  2. my ancestors were from Warenburg russia, also. the Bier, shriner, Constanz, tripple, Arndt and Diener family Bier is the last name of all the generations of men (grandfathers) the other names listed are the maiden names of the wives (grandmothers) all generations. My family immigrated in 1913 and settled in Fresno CA. would love any info on these families. thanks Jeniffer Ovatt, Visalia ca.

    1. I am also looking for information on the Constanz, Tripple and Diener families. Especially the Constanz as my greatgrandfather was a Constanz who came from Warenburg, Russia

  3. Also looking for Bier and Schmal from Warenburg village. Open for any information .
    Please add me to your list

  4. Please add me to your list
    My Grandpa Phillip John Bier was born in Warenburg, Russia May 1882 arrived in the USA 1892 and settle in Fresno, CA Married Elizabeth Hergenroeder had 6 living daughters (who all have passed away) Kate, Elisie, Lillian, Maida, Irene and Florence. I'm the daughter of Florence.