Monday, March 22, 2010

More of Shirley Ansley's Family Pictures


Back row, left to right: Mary (Laffery), Anna (Cullip), Henry, John
Front row, left to right: Dorothy (Walchle), Esther (Knight), Lydia (Hastings), Emma (Knoche)
Not pictured: Louise (Grat), Pauline (Norris), Donald


Back row, left to right: Emma, Dorothy, Mary, Anna
Middle row, left to right: Esther, Pauline, Lydia, Louise
Front row, left to right: Conrad, Helena, John

Anna is Shirley's mother.
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  1. Conard Scheideman was born June 27, 1879 in Hussenbach (Gaschon) Russia. He came to America in 1889 as an Indentured servant. He work in New York for two years before going to Nebraska and than into Kansas. He married Helena Alisa Ackerman on April 21, 1904 in Clay Center, Kansas. They had eleven children. Henry died at 16 from appendix and Donald died before he was one from several illness. Anna and Lydia where the only ones to leave Kansas to raise their families. Conrad was a farmer and helped build the first Lutheran Church in Wakefield, Kansas just south of Clay Center.