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Conrad and Lydia Hert Family

Conrad was born 1 January 1868, in Alexanderdorf, Russia. He died 10 May 1943, in Hardin, Big Horn, Montana. His death certificate states that his father was Georg Hert and mother was Katherine Marie Gable.

Lydia was born 20 December 1874, in Alexanderdorf, Russia. She died 10 October 1952, in Toppenish,Yakima, Washington; she was buried beside her husband in Hardin, Montana, at the Fairview Cemetery. Lydia’s parents are unknown at this time.

Known children:
Susanna, born in 1898 in Russia. She died in 1961 in Yakima, Washington. She married Georg Herdt and Russell Lessard.

Gottlieb born in 1899 in Alexanderdorf, Russia. He died in 1964 in Hardin, Montana. He married Pauline Weidersphan.

Katherine was born in 1902 in Russia. She died in 1970 in Missoula, Montana. She married George Fellows.

Jacob was born in 1904 in Russia. He died in 1962 in Portland, Oregon. He married Tina Wiebert.

Georg John was born in 1907 in Alexanderdorf, Russia. He died in 1974 in Billings, Montana. He married Edith Dumler and Ruby Devous.

Carl was born in 1909 in Alexanderdorf, Russia. He died in 1983 in Yakima, Washington. He married Eva Dumler.

Alexander Hert was born in 1911 in Huntley, Montana. He died in 1972 in Hardin, Montana. He married Sarah Schilreff.

Samuel Hert was born in 1913 in Custer, Montana,and died in 1988, in Billings, Montana. He married Leah Steinmetz.

Lillian Hert was born in 1916 in Custer, Montana,and died in 1944 in Eureka, California. She married Marsh Romias and Ted Edelman.

William Hert was born in 1918 in Hardin, Montana,and died in 1972 in Hardin, Montana. He married Pauline Sharpe.

Pauline Hert was born in 1920 in Hardin, Montana, and died in 1939 in Hardin, Montana. She married Marin Ujano.

Conrad and wife Lydia (Stark) immigrated in 1910,and arrived New York.

Ellis Island records note the following:
Hert, Konrad, ethnicity-Russian, German, Place of residence- Alexanderthal, Russia, Date of arrival-July 20, 1910, Age on arrival-38 years, Male-Married, Ship-"Burma", Port of departure was Libau, Posen, Prussia, Germany. Passengers are listed as, Conrad and Lidia,
children Gottlieb, Jacob, George, Carl, Susan and Catherine.

In 1912, Conrad is noted as witness at the area wedding of Henry Reichert and Mary E. Zier.

1920 Census, Montana, Big Horn county:
Conrad and Lydia, Gottlieb, Katherine, George, Carl, Alex, Sam, Lillie and William

1930 Census, Montana, Big Horn county.

May 10,1943,Conrad died. The death certificate lists Mrs. Lydia Hert as informant. Conrad is listed as 75 years, 4 months, and 9 days, birthplace Russia. He lived in the area for 28 years.

Aunt Delilah states that the land Conrad farmed was unplowed sod.

Conrad finalized the payment on his property in Big Horn county Montana; the county informed him that annual tax payments would be expected. Conrad became angry and walked away from his home. His poor command of the English language probably explains this action. He purchased another piece of property nearby and resumed farming.

(Contributed by Dee Hert)


  1. hello my name is Jamey and my grandmother is Lillian e Hert and her parent are Carl and Eva. her great grandparent are Conrad and Lydia. I love the site and learning more about my family history!!!
    Thank You

  2. I have a Conrad Herdt as my great grandfather, his son was J.P. Herdt of Russell, KS. He married Kathryn Erlich. Both J.P. and Katherin came to the USA as infants from Russia. I'm wondering if these families may be related. Laura Bengelsdorf