Friday, January 4, 2013

Chapter Christmas Party

I am posting  a portion of The President's Message, by Sharon White, because it sums up some of the events for our chapter this month:

Thanks to all of you for all the donations to the Utah Food Bank and The Road Home homeless shelter.   It was a good thing Bill and I took our SUV and not our small car.  There were so many donations that our SUV was stuffed.  The person who took the donations at The Road Home said,  “You don’t know how much we need these.”  The donations were gratefully received.  The local news said there were 16,522 homeless in Utah now.  I think we helped make a difference.

Vira and Jeff Bahr and their family attended our chapter Christmas party.  All of us were glad to meet Tanya and learn the adoption was successful.  Vira told us about the trip to Ukraine for the adoption and the adoption process.  Tanya turned 16 in mid December.  If the adoption had not been successful, she would have been released  from the orphanage and  would have been  left  on her own at age 16.

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