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The village of Kolb is also known as Peskovatka, Peskovka, and Peskowatka.

Location: 51º04' N 44º59' E
History: Established 13 May 1767
Religion: Lutheran, part of the Frank parish

Members of the Benzel family resided in Kolb for generations, beginning with Johann Ulrich who was born in Kautz, Russia in 1773 and died in Kolb 1847. Johann married Maria Dorothea Achziger, who was born 1775 in Kolb and also died in Kolb in 1850.

Known children of Johann and Maria are:
Friedrich, born 1795 Kolb, and died 1850 in Kolb
Johann Adam, born 1806 in Kolb
Johannes, born 1809 in Kolb
Georg Adam, born 1814 in Kolb
Dorothea, born 1818 in Kolb and died 1888 in Kolb

Johannes Benzel (1809 -) married Barbara Adler and their known children are:
Maria, born 1833 in Kolb
Friedrich, born 1835 in Kolb
Peter, born 1837 in Kolb
Heinrich, born 1840 in Kolb
Dorothea, born 1842 in Kolb
Barbara, born 1845 in Kolb
Georg Heinrich, born 1848

Georg Heinrich was born 1848 in Kolb and died about 1920. Georg married Maria Katrina Schmidt (1848-1920.) Known children of Georg and Maria are:
Conrad, born 1865 in Kolb
John Peter, born 1879 in Kolb
Heinrich, born 1881 in Kolb
Maria K, born 1881 in Kolb
Anna Maria, born 1885 in Kolb
Friedrich, born 1885 in Kolb
John, born 1888 in Kolb
Georg, born 1892 in Kolb
Katrina, born 1896 in Kolb
Emma, born 1898 in Kolb

Friedrich (1885 – 1973) married Marie Kathryn Schmidt (1889 – 1965.)   Both were born in Russia, immigrated to the US in 1912, and died and were buried in Hardin, Big Horn, Montana.

Surnames of interest: Achtziger, Adler, Benzel Koch, Scheibel, and Schmidt

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  1. My husband, Leroy Damm has an ancestor from Dinkel by the name of Louise SCHMIDT b.~1850, marr. Johann Martin KAUFMAN from Eckheim. I would like to correspond with anyone who sees a connection.
    Thanks, Janet Margolis Damm