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Anton was known by many names: Antonow, Antonowka, Sadovoye, Sebastinovka, Sebastjanowka, Sebastyanovka, Sewastjanowka, Sevastinovka, Sevastjanovka, Sevastyanovka and Sadovoye.

To locate Anton on a map you need to know the lat long:  51º2' N 45º51' E

In 1764 Anton was founded as a Reformed colony.  Anton was part of the parish in Messer. 
Village surnames, located to date, are available on the AHSGR web, see village files for Anton. I will update these files on an annual basis.
It was not uncommon for villagers to relocate due to land shortage, famine, war, etc.  Anton surnames have been located as far away as the Caucasus. 
Research continues and inquiries are welcomed.  I am interested in gathering family data. 
Watch for updates on the AHSGR website and displays at annual conventions. 
The Center for Volga German Studies lists resources for Anton: Sources:
- Beratz, Gottieb. The German colonies on the Lower Volga, their origin and early development: a memorial for the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the first German settlers on the Volga, 29 June 1764. Translated by Adam Giesinger (Lincoln, NE: American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1991): 348.

- Diesendorf, V.F. Die Deutschen Russlands : Siedlungen und Siedlungsgebiete : Lexicon. Moscow, 2006.

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- "Settlements in the 1897 Census." Journal of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (Winter, 1990): 19.
AHSGR store makes the following available:
Census 1775 and 1798, Klemm Chart (Anton, Jost and Kukkus), Paul (Anton), Pauly (Anton).
Census from Dr. Brent Mai: 1834, and 1857.
Thanks to Sharon White for volunteering to assist, and for all the time donated time towards translation projects.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or interest in securing additional records from Russian archives for this village or others.  Due to the mobility of the villages I am researching additional areas.

Dee Hert
VC: Anton, Alexanderdorf(s) and numerous Caucasus areas.
Intermountain Chapter, Membership Chair
Member: AHSGR Life and Board Member

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