Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Information from Suzanne Heinitz-Dodge

From Shirley J. Reimer's The German Research Companion, p. 156:
Microfilmed Card file: Germans from Russia

1750-1943,(Card File of Russian Germans, 1750-1943) are described in the Family
HistoryLibrary Catalog as follows:

'Index cards of ethnic Germans in Russia, arranged alphabetically by surname. 'While not all the cards contain the same amount of information, many of them supply the given name, present address, birth place and date, place and date of death, earlier and present citizenship, place of origin, year of emigration, and the names of ancestors who first emigrated from Germany; places of residence in Russia; year of migration from Russia, earlier occupation and later activities; religion,whether pedigrees exist; name, places and dates of birth, marriage, and death, occupation for spouse; names birthplaces and dates for children; and documentary sources."

Aab-Anton 1335722
Antoni-Bastian, Alexander 1335723
Bastian, Alexander-Bekker
(Becker) 1335724
Blajeff-Bleeck, Alfred 1335725
Bleeck, Alfred-Braun, Ida 1335726
Braun, Ida - Busse, Arthur 1335727
Busse, Arthur - Dietrich 1457135
Dietsch-Eckhard 1457136
Eckhard-Esch 1528980
Esch-Fischer, Joseph 1528981
Fischer, Joseph - Fritz, Eliz.1528982
Fritz, Eliz. - Geissler 1528983

The list goes on through the alphabet with the last entry being Zimmerman,C. - Zyres.


  1. Hallo Annette!Ich glaube zu besitzen Foto von deine Grandmather Catharina Elisabeth Klamm -Burghardt aus Warenburg.Ich bin nicht sicher,aber du kannst diese Foto ansehen.I`m a fan of Genealogy irene.heer(a)

  2. Could you please tell me if you have a Kehm surname in this list & can you tell me what it says? They were from Balzer as your Village list also notes?