Sunday, November 25, 2012


I've really enjoyed my Thanksgiving holiday this year.  I have had a little time to reflect on my many blessings.  First and foremost is family.  I come from a large family on both sides, and have a huge posterity of my own. What a blessing it is to have them near me.  But it goes even deeper than that.  I am extremely grateful for my ancestors as well.  I realize that if it weren't for their courage to make changes and travel to America, my life would have been much different.  I owe a lot to my grandparents who came to America from Russia.

Then, there is my AHSGR family.  I appreciate the support I receive in my research, and the friendships that form from having common goals and heritage.  Living out of the city makes it difficult for me to attend meetings, but I always feel a part of the good things that are happening.

More recently, I feel that I've made some new connections with other AHSGR members across the U.S.  I've had a very interesting and fulfilling experience helping Don Soeken  write a grant for the AHSGR Foundation.  Everyone that I've contacted for information has been so friendly, helpful, and genuine.  As odd as it seems, I feel like they are family too.  It confirms how proud I am of my heritage and the many good things that members all across the country are doing.

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