Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Festival of Trees

This new chapter adventure began with Shawnette Malan and Dee Hert attending a
required meeting at Primary Children’s Hospital. We took lots of notes and asked
questions regarding the strict requirements for the tree.We were both very impressed with the
organizational skills of the volunteers. It was obvious that they are knowledgeable, experienced, and
friendly- certainly an asset to Primary Children’s Hospital.  My first project was to reinforce the tree
joints, insert rebar, and apply clamps, liquid nails, cement, and tape.  The project was completed, and
then I realized the rebar was obvious. With some paint, moss and a glue gun the problem was solved.
The tree needed lights.  Sharon White spent hours placing the lights on the tree and following the
strict requirements. She wired each and every one of the 300 lights. My hands appreciated her
generous donation of time. Shawnette spent countless hours and miles locating the perfect ornaments
certainly a labor of love.  The time spent in preparation of the decorating was extensive. We placed
the tree on my kitchen table and the decorating commenced.  Shawwnette’s inspiration was
Gingerbread Men with a theme of “Sweetly German.” The project also required itemization of
expenses, writing a small tree story (including mention of the chapter blog) and creating a QR code
for additional advertising.  Our goal was to generate revenue for Primary Children’s Hospital and to
advertise AHSGR. Once the tree was decorated it was time to transport it to the Festival.  I decided
the only option was to place the tree in the back of a pickup. Son Todd drove, while husband Darrell
and I sat in the back and supported the tree.  I was grateful for the relatively nice weather, no
December blizzard.  We safely arrived at the site and unloaded the tree. After Shawnette worked her
magic again, the tree was completed and passed inspection. Our tree sold for $725.00, a small
contribution towards the million dollars typically generated by the Festival. We were asked if we
would do this project again; after a brief pause we said yes.
Respectfully Submitted
Dee Hert, President and Membership Chair
AHSGR Intermountain Chapter

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