Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Presidents Message, December 2014

Thank you for the vote of confidence as President; I look forward to a continual learning environment and great memories.

I wish to thank our founding family. Special appreciation to Carol Harless and Shawnette Malan, it has been a pleasure and wonderful learning experience. Thank you for sharing your home and your hearts.  Carol predicted we would locate relatives and friends within the group; she possesses a most accurate insight.

I wish to thank our second Mr. and Mrs. President, Bill and Karen Dellos for their leadership, guidance as we planned the Utah convention and years of serving on the Board of Directors at Lincoln.

I wish to thank Sharon White, past President for her exemplary leadership and willingness to open her home to the chapter.  We all enjoyed her many informative presentations.

Annette Reynolds serves on the Foundation as a trustee, writing grants for the organization.  Thanks Annette for hosting our blog:

Pat and Shirley Ansley have consistently produced an outstanding newsletter.  Darrell Weber has willingly served as Treasure for several years.  Thanks you all.

Gratitude to new members accepting the position of Secretary is Adee Hacking and Vice President Fran Eickbush.  

Artistic talent from Shawnette Malan and Sharon White resulted in an outstanding tree donated to the 2014 Festival of Trees. 

Thank you all for being aware of the need to locate new members.  Keep your ears and eyes open while at the library and all other environments.

Thank you to the supportive spouses who attend meetings and offer positive suggestions. 

The Chapter has numerous members serving as Village Coordinators, thank you for your dedication and service.  Presently there are several villages without an active coordinator, please consider these projects or being an assistant.

I look forward to your suggestions and recommendations.  .

Dee Hert


  1. How do I find out about joining the chapter? Pam Wuckert Morgan. contact me at

    1. I have forwarded your information to our chapter president. Thanks.

  2. I found it very difficult to read the blog. Dark on dark is hard on the eyes!

    1. Suzanne, I think that your computer did not completely download the blog page. It is actually black print on white background. Once in a while I've had my computer not download correctly on a text and that happens.