Monday, April 24, 2017

Book Review

I located this book at the Family History Library and thought it would be helpful for researches.  The call number is INT 947.7 F2g and was composed by Dr. Adam Giesinger of the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia; the North Dakota GR ‘s.
I found the information fascinating, it may or may not be an area I need to research; I will not know the personal value until I investigate.  Even if I do not locate family members I will learn more about the geography and culture of the area.  Keep in mind that this type of record may be available for your area of interest. Please share what you learn.

Reports of 1942-1943 from German Villages in the Ukraine.
A list of the types of reports prepared:
·         The German and Russian names of the village, its date of founding and its location.
·         The population and the number of families, classified as to the ethnic group, as of June 1, 1941 and also the German population at some earlier dates.
·         Number of ethnically mixed marriages and the number of children of such marriages.
·         The present German population classified as men, women, and children.
·         Number of families without male heads.
·         Origins, in Germany, of the forefathers of the inhabitants or, if it was a daughter colony, the mother colony from which they came.
·         Type of school(s) in the village, social clubs, libraries, theatres, projection equipment, choirs and bands.
·         Health and welfare institutions of the village, doctors, nurses, midwives: the state of health of the inhabitants.
·         Whereabouts of the church records of births, marriages, and deaths.
·         Economic situation in the village, land being farmed, livestock, and crop yields.
·         Special hardships under the Communist regime, number of famine deaths, people murdered during the civil war, people arrested and deported to slave labor, experiences since the outbreak of the war in June 1941.
·         List of inhabitants, arranged in family groups with surname and given name, occupation, date of birth, place of birth, and religious denomination.
·         List of murdered by revolutionary armed bands during the civil war period.
·         List of those who died in the famines of 1921-1922 and 1933-1934.
·         List of those deported to slave labor camps in the 1930’s.
·         List of those taken away from the village after the outbreak of war in June 1941
·         List of the young men from the village serving in the Red army.
·         Village plan and a map showing the location of the village.
·         A questionnaire of special interest to genealogists, asked of each family.

The microfilm information is listed in this publication.

Submitted by Dee Hert

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