Monday, April 24, 2017

Village Coordinators

Special appreciation is expressed to individuals who have agreed to take on the important task of Village Coordinator.

Please remember that in order to succeed we must all share information that may be of value to others.  Information can be shared via email to chapter members, sent to village files and anyone having an interest. While conducting research, and you happen to locate an interesting tidbit of data, please pause for a moment and consider who might find this information of value.

Notice the diverse geographical areas represented, the GR's were mobile people for various reasons.

Lets play it forward and share your research sites, how you gather and store data; please reply to all.  I will compile a master list of ideas.

  • Newsletters, 
  • EWZ records (Odessa3), 
  • Immigration, 
  • National Archives
  • Germans from Russia Heritage Society
  • Germanic Genealogy Society
  • State Historical Societies
  • Family History Library
  • Russian Archives
  • Google

Numerous villages remain unattended and are desperately in need of a vc; if you are interested please step forward and offer to cover one or more of these open villages. Village Coordinator data is available at  A vc must be a member of AHSGR, sign a contact and agree to abide by all terms and conditions.  Another value to becoming a vc is access to an on-line vc link to share ideas and ask questions of other vc's.

Village Coordinator information is available at other organizations interested in gathering similar data. A good example is the North Dakota Germans from Russia Heritage Society  

Perhaps you would be interested in assisting in some capacity.

Intermountain Chapter Village Coordinators (to date)

Ansley, Shirley
Neu-Hussenbach, Gashon, Samara

Eickbush, Fran 
Neu-Arzis, Akkerman, Bessarabia
Neuburg, Grossliebental, Odessa, Kherson

Gertge, Joe (w/Nick and Barbara Bretz)
Rothammel, Saratov, Volga

Hert, Dee
Blumenfeld, Stavropol, North Caucasus
Alexanderdorf, Volga
Alexander-Höh, Samara, Volga
Anton, Saratov, Volga, (with Sharon)
6 additional villages pending

Hertz, Brad

Oryall, Gwen

Stone, Sheri
Hussenbach, Linevo Ozero, Saratov, Volga

Weber, Darrell
Balzer, Saratov, Volga

White, Sharon
Straub, Samara, Volga
Warenburg, Samara, Volga (w/Ron Brott)

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