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History of Fredrich and Marie Kathryn Schmidt Benzel

Fred was born 14 June 1885, in Kolb, (Peskovatka) Russia and died 1973, in Hardin, Big Horn, Montana.

Kathryn was born 2 August 1889, in Neu Messer, Russia and died 29 June 1965, Hardin, Montana. Kathryn never learned to speak English, her parents and other members of her family remaining in Russia starved to death during the famine.

Fred and Marie Kathryn were married in Kolb, Russia, January 2, 1911, and immigrated to the United States aboard the ship, “Bruntenburg”, arriving at Baltimore, Maryland. Tragedy struck the young family as their infant son Fredrick died at sea.

Fred and Kathryn traveled to Ritzville, Washington where they rented a farm from 1912 through 1917. Sons Fred and Arthur were born in Tacoma and Ritzville. Fred Sr. decided to leave Washington in 1917 and relocated the family to Rifle, Colorado; joining his brother John. Four children were born in Rifle; Edward, Carl, Mary, and Hilda.

Another move took the growing family to Hardin, Big Horn, Montana to begin farming sugar beets for Great Western Sugar Beet Company. Children John, Harold, and Lora were born in Hardin.

 Lora Benzel married Charles Raymond Hert in Hardin, Montana
 John Benzel remained on the family homestead and farms sugar beets with his sons and grandsons.
 Benzel family reunion is scheduled for July 2012 in Hardin, Montana

Fred and Kathryn lived the remainder of their lives in Hardin. Fred was described as fair haired with blue eyes. Kathryn was olive skinned, dark hair with brown eyes. Fred was very strong willed, insisting that the men eat first at family functions, children next and women last. His word was law. Kathryn was described as warm and loving. While the men sat in the living room the women gathered in the kitchen to chat. Children learned at a young age to remain seated and quiet around grandpa.

Fred’s family:
Father- Georg Heinrich (1848 Kolb –1920 Kolb)
Mother- Maria Katrina Schmidt (1848 Neu Messer – 1920 Kolb)

Grandfather – Johannes (1809 Kolb – unk Kolb)
Grandmother-Barbara, surname unknown (born 1807 – unk Kolb)

G Grandfather –Johann Uhlich (1773 Kautz – 1847 Kolb)
G Grandmother- Maria Dorothea Achziger (1775 Kolb – 1850 Kolb)

GG Grandfather-Valentine (1747 Engheim, Germany – 1798 Kautz)
GG Grandmother- Anna E. Koch (Germany – Kautz)

Marie’s family:
Father – Henry (1866 Neu Messer death date unknown)
Mother – Katrina Scheibel (1868 – 1921 Neu Messer)

Grandfather – Peter Schmidt (1833 – death date unknown)
Grandmother – unknown.

(Contributed by Dee Hert.)

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