Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Winch

I thought you might like to have the winch, spoken of in the previous post, in a more complete form. So here it is:

The Winch (“Wunsch” or “Wuensch”)
“Ich wuensch eich ein Gluckseliges Neujahr, langes Leben, Gesundheit, Frieden und Einigheit, nach eirem Tod die ewige Gluckseligkeit.”
Translation: I wish you a Happy New Year, long life, health, peace and harmony, and after your death eternal happiness.
(This first small section above is about all that most of my generation ever knew, but if you knew more you might add…)
“Und das Liebe Jesulein im Grublein soll eir nei Jahr sein.”
The translation? Perhaps something like this: And may the dear Jesus meditate for all of you in the New Year.
The host would reply---
Des wuensche mir eich ach!
Translation: Wish you the same.

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